Pulse peculiarities in HSEEU «UMSA» iranian students

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Arterial hypertension belongs to worldwide problems and Iran is nol an exception. Pulse study belongs to simple, informative and spread diagnostic method. It is possible to put diagnosis according to human pulse and some specialists do it successfully in the East in part. We met following scientific publications about pulse characteristics study in Iran. One work is dedicated to association between forced expiratory volume in one second and pulse oxymeiric measurements of arterial oxygen saturation. Pulse transit time is proposed to be used for arterial pressure measurement , pulseoximetry oxygen saturation is applied in open heart intensive care , new noninvasive method was introduced for measuring blood pressure continuously in operating room and during the anesthesia based on electrocardiograph and pulse oximetry signals .


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аrterial hypertension, puls, pulse oхimetry

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Tkachenko E. V. Pulse peculiarities in HSEEU «UMSA» iranian students / E. V. Tkachenko, M. Kiani // Сучасні наукові дослідження представників медичної науки – прогрес медицини майбутнього : зб. тез наук. робіт міжнар. наук.-практ. конф. (м. Київ, 3–4 квітня 2015р.). – Київ, 2015. – С. 24–27.