Chronic Lip Fissure: Clinical Presentation and Risk Factors


We conducted a cross-sectional study among patients seeking care at the Medical and Consultation Center for the Treatment of Oral Mucosa Diseases of Poltava State Medical University. Our aim was to determine the prevalence of chronic lip fissure among patients seeking care at this facility. The Chi-square test was applied to establish the correlation (associative links) between the presence of chronic lip fissure and sociodemographic factors, the presence of bad habits and occupational hazards or work conditions. Using a multivariable logistic regression model, we identified independent risk factors (independent predictors), associated with the occurrence of chronic lip fissure. These factors include gender, age, level of education, bad habits such as smoking, and exposure to unfavorable climatic working conditions. Gaining insights into the causes and clinical presentation of chronic lip fissure is paramount for its prevention, providing proper explanation, and raising awareness among patients about the factors contributing to its occurrence.


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сhronic lip fissure, cheilitis

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Chronic Lip Fissure: Clinical Presentation and Risk Factors / P. M. Skrypnykov , I. M. Tkachenko , O. A. Pysarenko, T. A. Khmil , T. P. Skrypnikova , Y. V. Tymoshenko , O. O. Kulai // Journal of International Dental and Medical Research. – 2023. – Vol. 16, № 4. – Р. 1662–1669.