Colonization resistance of oral mucosa in individuals with diverse body mass index


Introduction: Colonization resistance oftheoral cavity is animportant protective factor oflocal immunity, which prevents theadhesion and proliferation ofmicroorganisms on theoral mucosa. Objectives: Theresearch aimed to discover thecolonization resistance state oftheoral mucosa ofyoung patients with different body mass indices and their dependence on theintensity oftheteeth carious and inflammatory response ofthegums. Material and methods: Thesurvey conducted on 132 Ukrainians ofall genders, with aged ranging from 18 to 22 years. Body mass index (BMI) was determined, which was thedistribution factor. Oral status was detected by decay, missing, and filled teeth (DMFT) index, oral hygiene index (OHI) and papilla bleeding index (PBI) determination. Colonization resistance oftheoral mucosa was defined by microscopy ofthebuccal epithelium using alight microscope with amagnification of×400. Results: 21.2% ofpatients with normal BMI had colonization resistance index (CRI) 0, 78.8% – CRI 1. In patients with extra weight, 44.5% had CRI 0, 38.9% – CRI 1, 16.6 – CRI 2. In patients with 1st degree obesity, 64.5% had CRI 0, 25.8% – CRI 1, 9.7% – CRI 2. In patients with 2nd degree obesity, 68.75% presented CRI 0, 31.25% – CRI 1. Conclusions: With satisfactory oral hygiene in patients with diverse BMI theseverity ofgingivitis was different. This indicates that thesystemic response oftheorganism in patients with BMI over 30 kg/m2 is thecrucial determining factor that influences themanifestation ofthedisease, as aresponse to local pathogenic factor – dental plaque. Therefore, in patients with 1st and 2nd degree obesity, in 70% ofpatients, suppression ofcolonization resistance oftheoral mucosa was observed, compared with patients with normal BMI where thefrequency ofpatients with colonization resistance disturbance was 2.5 times lower.


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obesity, periodontitis, gingivitis, colonization resistance

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Colonisation resistance of oral mucosa in individuals with diverse body mass index / M. I. Skrypnyk, T. O. Petrushanko, K. S. Neporada, N. I. Vynnyk, V. M. Petrushanko, R. І. Skrypnyk // Journal of Stomatology. – 2022. ‒ Vol. 75, № 3. – P. 171–175.