Problems of Integrity in Science


Today, the research of complex scientific problems, as a rule, is not carried out by individual talents, but by teams of scientific research laboratories, institutions in which different methods of scientific research must be performed simultaneously. It is difficult to imagine that at the same time it is possible to gather honest, fair, trusting, responsible employees who know how to respect and appreciate the research contribution of each member of the team. But, as a rule, in such teams, employees have different levels of qualifications, intellectual training, practical skills and education. Under such conditions, conflicts may arise when determining priorities or the share of research contributions.


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scientific problems, Virkhov, Koch, Rontgen, Polyuy

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Yareshko A. Problems of Integrity in Science / A. Yareshko, M. Kulish, A. Vorodyukhina // International online conference “Integrity, Open Science and Artificial Intelligence in Academia and Beyond: Meeting at the Crossroads”, Riga, Latvia, December 15, 2023. – Riga, 2023. – P.127–129.