Унаочнення вивчення фундаментальних засад хірургії студентами на базі кафедри хірургії стоматологічного факультету

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Українська медична стоматологічна академія


В статті висвітлені питання підготовки студентів стоматологічного факультету основних ключових алгоритмів засвоєння елементів фаху хірургії та засобів їх проектування в модельовано-наочних формах, що покращує рівень засвоєння знань. Відображені структурні ланки проведення практичних занять. Акцентована необхідність застосування мультимедійного та практично-наочного забезпечення для засвоєння матеріалу.
В статье освещены вопросы подготовки студентов стоматологического факультета основных ключевых алгоритмов усвоения элементов специальности хирургии и средств их проектирования в моделируемо-иллюстрированных формах, что улучшает уровень усвоения знаний. Отражены структурные звенья проведения практических занятий. Акцентирована необходимость применения мультимедийного и практически-наочного обеспечения для усвоения материала.
Medical link modern educational space designed to create the foundations not only for intellectual growth specialist, but design plug his creative thinking as applied to the individual basis of maximum self-differentiated practical application of acquired knowledge. Integrating creative use of acquired knowledge in the adaptation range of professional activities require accentuation student’s ability to make decisions, think creatively. Cognitive sphere student digested better illustrate with material that is submitted for consideration, using its practical component. Ukraine Education in general and higher education are the only requirements to integrate with the European community, she obligations, commitments based on fundamental principles of new and upgraded basic tenets of the Bologna process. The basis of the process is effective innovative pedagogical postulates involving new information technology. Teacher obligations, related motivate students to form their creative activity with regard to edu¬cation and training program, which includes not only conventional standards, but the vision of the students of this subject, the dominant needs of a particular situation should be used to practice the knowledge. The purpose of the work — for example, analysis of multimedia software and practical simulated visual learning software for students of dental faculties of the specialty «surgery» to show the difficulty of implementation and ways and means of overcoming them. Object and methods. Teaching students the process of assimilation algorithms provides the theoretical founda¬tions of surgery and projected their use in appropriate circumstances. Resulting in the learning process information for establishing a stable knowledge and clinical thinking must be secured control of practical skills and abilities, which is made on the basis of our department. Positive results of treatment of patients in the postoperative period largely depends not only on the correctly chosen method of surgery, but also on the rehabilitation period. Mastering the practical skills of students and professional skills to care for patients after surgery is an important aspect of overcoming illness towards recovery. All the time in the classroom teaching students understanding of dental care for patients in all postoperative period. The Department of Surgery Faculty of Dentistry IFNMU at workshops and lectures given this issue much attention all the time. Emphasizes that our database has accumulated positive expe¬rience of use in the transfer of information and control its absorption. Students of dental faculties often argue that physician-person professionally versatile and future dentist in different life circumstances, may find themselves in a situation where it is necessary to urgent conservation measures Vital Functions humans. The department developed training manuals and methodical work coordinate orientation and logistics background and intensity assimilation theoretical material. Educational process focused on self-actualization and educational activities based process intensification by visual aids cognitive units using multimedia presentations, demonstrations practical component to mock and mannequins. This makes it possible to increase the level of learning according to different authors from 5% to 42%. Included here that creative activity of students at mastering a specific section contributes his personal self. The feature of multimedia lectures are illustrated presentation materials reflect the occurrence of pathological process in accordance with a particular subject, causing a lively interest in students and improves learning. The structure of the educational process of combining test control, solving situational topical problems activating student to creatively solve tasks using practical skills possessed. Monitoring the learning process is an effective chain system construction of academic achievements. Surgery intervention leads to changes in the body that are general in nature and is a response to the operational injury. During the classes students learn topics for writing histories of patients who are treated in the department. Active communication with them improves professional skills and medical terminology. Proper administration of the patient in the postoperative period, the organization of his stay in office, perform the necessary manipulations and treatments are essential for the prevention of possible complications and favorable treatment outcome. Results of treatment of patients in the postoperative period largely depends not only on the adequacy of the performed operation, but also the knowledge and professional skills of the staff. Mas¬tering the practical skills of students and professional skills to care for patients after surgery is important. Survey and preparation of patients for surgery is an important part of a complex of measures aimed at restoring the health of the sick person, the general principle which is the maximum risk reduction transaction possibility of complica¬tions. Knowledge lymphoma stage surgery, surgical manipulations and their choice of options - all of which should form the basis of student’s knowledge in the study of the subject. Preparation of dentists in our department also provides professional mastering modern terminology reflects well the ability to absorb and theoretical basis. The final element of training is practical and is task oriented students who they decide at the bedside, where he summa¬rized the results of training for dentists received during his stay at the clinic and our department. Students produce major symptoms in patients most likely trying to put a diagnosis and identify tactics for further surgery, consider¬ing the further prognosis for life, the rehabilitation aspect of possible negative consequences. Awareness of these features creates a tactic student understanding of surgical treatment of choice in terms of urgent, urgent, routine operating procedures. During the learning process, students are introduced to the basic principles of the operating unit - a set of special facilities to perform the surgery and of the measures to ensure placed in a separate room or wing of the building and connected corridor of the surgical department. .


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Іваночко Н. Я. Унаочнення вивчення фундаментальних засад хірургії студентами на базі кафедри хірургії стоматологічного факультету / Н. Я. Іваночко, В. В. Міщук // Вісник проблем біології і медицини. – 2017. – Вип. 3, т. 1 (137). – С. 264–267.