To the question on “pathological asymmetry” study

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European Scientific Plattform


Asymmetry study is realized at alive matter organization different levels beginning from micro- and ending with macro- the most com fortable of which represents population-species which expression is sinistrality. There are so called “ left diseases” and other distinguishing features which can be thought as so-called pathological asymmetry. Here are several examples of them : intellectual disability or stuttering (on EEG in the second case), learning developmental disorders, dyslexias, dysgraphias, attention deficiency and hyperactivity syndrome, autism spectrum disorders mirror writing coordination disorders and apraxias, epilepsy (left-handed children get sick on it in earlier age and the disease rate is higher in them com paratively to right-handers or even it is absent in right-handers according to another point of view). There exists handedness neuropsychiatrie pattern. It concerns to schyzophreny, Alzheim er's and Parkinson’s diseases dominance in left-handers.


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asymmetry study, ethno-gender-age-constitutional, typological aspect, maxillar -mandibular

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To the question on “pathological asymmetry” study / E. Tkachenko, V. Sokolenko, A. Khalafalla [et al.] // Theoretical and empirical scientific research: concept and trends : Collection of Scientific papers “ΛОГОΣ” with Proceedings of the International Scientific and Practical Conference (Vol.2), Oxford, United Kingdom, July 24, 2020. – Oxford : Sciences Ltd. & European Scientific Plattform. – P. 89–93.