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    Main goals of psychological rehabilitation of military servicemen in the Poltava region under the present conditions
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2020) Havlovskyi, O. D.; Гавловський, Олександр Данилович; Гавловский, Александр Данилович
    The outbreak of the war in the East of Ukraine has created new challenges for the psychological rehabilitation system. The purpose of the work was to analyse the main goals of psychological rehabilitation of military servicemen in the Poltava region in present conditions. The reports of the Rehabilitation Department of the Public Institution “Kremenchug Regional Clinical Hospital for Veterans of War” of the Poltava Regional Council were analysed for the 2014-2018. During 2014 and 2015 medical assistance to servicemen was provided only on an inpatient basis. Since 2016, it has become necessary to consult military personnel on an outpatient basis (2016 – 473 people (51.8%), 2017 – 570 people (48.3%), 2018 – 745 people (47.6%)) The highest percentage of treated military personnel was diagnosed with neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders, respectively in 2016 – 58.6%, in 2017 – 59.3%, and in 2018 – 56.7%. The presence among the military personnel of anti-terrorist operation / united forces operation of a constant increase in the number of patients with signs of impaired adaptation requires the earliest possible start of psychological rehabilitation.
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    Peculiarities of TLR9 expression on immune competent cells in reactive arthritis patients with chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2020) Lomikovska, M. P.; Hauduchok, I. G.; Potomkina, H. O.; Zubchenko, S. O.; Krill, I. Y.; Ischeykin, K. Y.; Chopyak, V. V.; Ламіковська, М. П.; Гайдучок, І. Г.; Потьомкіна, Г. О.; Зубченко, С. О; Кріль, І. Й.; Іщейкін, Костянтин Євгенович; Чопяк, В. В.; Ламиковская, М. П.; Гайдучок, И. Г.; Потёмкина, Г. О.; Зубченко, С. О.; Криль, И. Й.; Ищейкин, Константин Евгеньевич; Чопяк, В. В.
    The work presents the study findings on the TLR9 expression in immune competent cells in reactive arthritis patients with chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection, and considers the possibility of the reactive arthritis transformation into rheumatoid arthritis. It was established that expression of TLR9+CD123+ on monocytes was reliably higher in the blood of reactive arthritis patients as compared to healthy individuals, while in patients in active phase of EBV-infection the expression of this receptor was reliably higher as compared to similar indices of patients at the latent phase. At that, the number of TLR9+CD123+-monocytes in patients with reactive and rheumatoid arthritis was not reliably different. The number of TLR9+CD123+-lymphocytes as compared to indices of healthy individuals was reliably higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis at both phases of chronic EBV-infection, while in patients with reactive arthritis it was only characteristic at the active phase of the infection. Expression of this receptor on lymphocytes turned out to be reliably higher in patients with rheumatoid arthritis as compared to patients with reactive arthritis, particularly at the active phase of chronic EBV infection.
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    Functional state of cardiovascular and digestive systems in the body of students during fitness training
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Sogokon, О. А.; Donets, O. V.; Donets, I. М.; Согоконь, O. A.; Донець, О. В.; Донець, Ілона Миколаївна; Согоконь, Е. А.; Донец, А. В.; Донец, Илона Николаевна
    exercises effect the activation of internal systems’ work in the body. Analyzing the correlation of recreative fitness with students’ nutrition provides an opportunity to identify prospects for improving cardiovascular and digestive systems, improving general condition and achieving the desired student athletic performance. The study found that 92.5% of students were positive about the new content of training in modern fitness technology and only 7.5% said their attitude was uncertain. During the experiment, the dynamics of changes in the parameters of the cardiovascular and digestive systems’ functional state (experimental/control groups) were confirmed: the mean body weight decreased by 2.8 kg/1.5 kg, the pulse at rest decreased to 65.25 beats./min.+0.25/74.46 bpm+0.64; systolic pressure decreased to 112.75 mm Hg+0.35/118.21 mm Hg+0.79; diastolic pressure decreased to 72.21 mm Hg+0.39/76.57 mm Hg+0.43; the vital capacity of the lungs increased by 0.4 l/0.2 l, which is evidence of the cardiovascular system’s economic activity and confirms the feasibility of the applied methodology of health fitness technologies. Regarding the expediency of dietary change: 77% of students said they needed change, while 21% said they wanted it, and only 2% said they didn't want to change their diet.
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    Peculiarities of porcine periodontium in normal condition and in generalized periodontitis during dental restoration of various types
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Popovych, І. Yu.; Petrushanko, T. О.; Yeroshenko, G. А.; Попович, Іван Юрійович; Попович, Иван Юрьевич; Петрушанко, Тетяна Олексіївна; Петрушанко, Татьяна Алексеевна; Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна; Ерошенко, Галина Анатольевна
    The paper was aimed at determining the structural features of porcine gums in normal conditions and experimental generalized periodontitis in the presence of adhesive bridges and dental implants. It is established, that impaired differentiation in the form of dyskeratosis occurs in the epithelium of the gingival mucosa of pigs with generalized periodontitis; it is manifested by the appearance of basal cells in the cytograms that are absent in the control group of animals, and 4-fold increase in the number of parabasal epitheliocytes. Histological study of the mucous membrane of the epithelial plate revealed vacuolar dystrophy of the cells in the spinous layer and local phenomena of spongiosis. In their lamina propria, disorders of microcirculation and connective tissue edema were noted. Changes in the lamina propria during dental restoration of different types were common. In the epithelium, during restoration with dental implant, the changes corresponded to the control group: vacuole dystrophy and local spongiosis. Marked hyperkeratosis in the epithelial plate was noted in restoration with bridge denture;
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    Morphofunctional features of rat testes interstitial endocrinocytes and sustentocytes after 90 days of central testosterone synthesis deprivation
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Stetsuk, Ye. V.; Akimov, O. Ye.; Shepitko, K. V.; Goltsev, A. N.; Стецук, Євген Валерійович; Стецук, Евгений Валерьевич; Акімов, Олег Євгенович; Акимов, Олег Евгеньевич; Шепітько, Костянтин Володимирович; Шепитько, Константин Владимирович; Гольцев, Анатолій Миколайович; Гольцев, Анатолий Николаевич
    With the social system development, there is a tendency to change attitudes towards family and family values. In developed European countries, there is a trend towards high sexual activity in elderly men and late creation of a family with children, which undergoes certain difficulties in connection with a decreased testosterone production in later years. The purpose of the study was to establish the microscopic organization of rat interstitial endocrinocytes and sustentocytes, to determine the sources of nitric oxide production and the intensity of oxidative stress in the testes with experimental central deprivation of testosterone synthesis with diphereline on the 90th day of the experiment. The experiments were carried out on 20 sexually mature male white rats of the Wistar line. Rats were divided into 2 groups: the control group (10) and the experimental group (10), which were injected subcutaneously with diphereline (Triptorelin embonate) at a dose of 0.3 mg / kg of the active substance for 90 days. Prolonged central deprivation of testosterone synthesis in animals leads to emergence of functional stress structural signs in population of sustentocytes and interstitial endocrinocytes, which are aimed to support testicular secretion. Central deprivation of testosterone synthesis within 90 days causes oxidative stress development owing to reactive oxygen species hyperproduction and nitrite accumulation in testicular tissue due to increased inducible NO-synthase activity;
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    Analysis of denture base impact on the denture foundation area tissues
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Kalashnikov, D. V.; Kindiy, D. D.; Korol, D. M.; Kindiy, V. D.; Калашніков, Дмитро Вікторович; Кіндій, Дмитро Данилович; Король, Дмитро Михайлович; Кіндій, Віктор Данилович
    The article presents the results of the study of the dental base impact on the denture foundation area tissues. The study was conducted in 149 patients aged 41 to 74 years. Removable partial laminar dentures for the upper and lower jaws were made of plastics "Ftorax" and "Etacryl-02" by three technologies: in a "water bath", in a dry polymerizer under the pressure and in an advanced injection molding machine. The results obtained allow us to recommend the technology of manufacturing removable partial laminar dentures in the advanced injection molding machine for using in dental orthopedics clinic.
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    Morphofunctional characteristic of hemomicrocirculatory bed in the red bone marrow when modeling an acute aseptic inflammation in rats
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Boruta, N. V.; Борута, Наталія Володимирівна; Борута, Наталия Владимировна
    In modern medicine, the structural components in various organs and tissues have been studied in great detail, but at the same time there are no works which would study hemomicrocirculation in the red bone marrow in the modeling of acute aseptic inflammation in rats, where reactive changes of morphological and functional character take place. The purpose of the work was to study the morphological changes of the components of the hemomicrocirculatory bed in the red bone mrrow of rats when modeling an acute aseptic inflammation. The work was performed on 50 mongrel white rats, divided into 2 groups: Group I–5 intact animals, Group II included 45 animals, which were simulated an acute aseptic peritonitis. In experimental groups of animal, an immediate, but reversible, increase in the penetration of venules and capillaries was observed, due to the active reduction of microfilaments in endothelial cells. In vascular lumens, during the experiment, a sludge syndrome was observed, which led to the difficulty of perfusion of blood corpuscles through the wall of the venule, which is a morphological confirmation of the inflammatory process.
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    Efficiency of drainage of ascit-peritonitis in different difficulty of acute pancreatitis
    (2020-03) Kasian, V. V.; Cherkun, O. Yu.; Tkachenko, O. A.; Sheiko, V. D.; Касьян, Владимир Владимирович; Черкун, Алексей Юрьевич; Ткаченко, Александр Анатольевич; Шейко, Владимир Дмитриевич; Кас'ян, Володимир Володимирович; Черкун, Олексій Юрійович; Ткаченко, Олександр Анатолійович; Шейко, Володимир Дмитрович
    The global incidence of acute pancreatitis ranges from 5 to 30 cases per 100,000 people per year and continues to grow in recent years. A fifth of patients are diagnosed with a severe form of acute pancreatitis with a mortality rate of up to 30%. Publications and randomized clinical trials show conflicting data on the effectiveness of abdominal drainage in acute pancreatitis complicated by ascites-peritonitis. The aim of the study was to analyze the effectiveness of drainage interventions in acute pancreatitis complicated by ascites-peritonitis depending on the initial severity of the patient's condition. We analyzed the results of a comprehensive examination and treatment of 166 patients with acute pancreatitis complicated by enzymatic ascites peritonitis. In the subgroups with the severity of the condition at the time of hospitalization, defined on the APACHE II scale of 5 or more points, a statistically significantly lower number of unsatisfactory results (p <0.05) was observed 72 hours after the start of treatment in drained patients compared with patients whose treatment included only complex conservative therapy. In the subgroups with the severity of the condition at the time of hospitalization, the APACHE II score of less than 5 points, active surgical tactics did not have a statistically significant effect on the incidence of unsatisfactory treatment results and there was no significant difference between the condition of the drained and non-drained patients. These results confirm the absence of the influence of routine abdominal drainage for all patients with acute necrotic pancreatitis. However, patients with an APACHE II score of 5 and above are the category of patients who will be most justified in early drainage of ascites-peritonitis.
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    Effect of natural mineral bischofite containing preparation on the oral microflora
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Skrypnykov, P. N.; Skrypnikova, T. P.; Loban, G. A.; Gancho, O. V.; Khavalkina, L. M.; Zezekalo, S. V.; Скрипников, Петро Миколайович; Скрипнікова, Таїса Петрівна; Лобань, Галина Андріївна; Ганчо, Ольга Валеріївна; Хавалкіна, Людмила Михайлівна; Зезекало, Світлана Вікторівна
    The oral cavity can be considered as an ecological system complex in which external factors (biological, individual, social) interact with internal ones (periodontium, bacterial community, local immune system, oral epithelium). If the favorable conditions arise, one or another disease of the oral mucosa may be developed and must be adequately treated. The arsenal of drugs is large and requires the doctor's knowledge, skills in using of the most optimal means and providing the appropriate recommendations to the patient. We studied the efficacy of the oral care product Antiqua Mare MAX, containing natural mineral Poltava’s Bischofite, on the representatives of the oral microflora. To achieve this goal, museum strains of E. coli ATCC 25922, S. aureus ATCC 25923, S. epidermidis ATCC 14990, E. faecalis ATCC 29212, M. lysodeicticus ATCC 4698 and C. albicans ATCC1023 were used. As a control, a well-known antimicrobial agent 0.02% aqueous solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate was used. The ability of the Antiqua Mare MAX drug to inhibit the growth of museum cultures of the yeast-like fungi, colon bacilli, enterococci, micrococci, epidermal and golden staphylococci in the liquid medium was shown to coincide completely in three repeated determinations during the study of the effect of Bischofite containing oral care product. The fungiostatic activity of the studied preparation Antiqua Mare MAX exceeded the effect of 0.02% solution of chlorhexidine bigluconate by 4 times (p<0,001), but the fungicidal effect did not differ.
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    The relationship of malocclusions with the eruption time of permanent teeth in children living in different climatic and geographical conditions
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Смаглюк, Любов Вікентіївна; Чухрай, Наталія Львівна; Безвушко, Ельвіра Валентинівна; Міськів, Андрій Любомирович; Шпотюк, Ольга Орестівна; Smaglyuk, L. V.; Chukhray, N. L.; Bezvushko, E. V.; Miskiv, A. L.; Shpotyuk, O. O.
    У статті висвітлено поширеність та структуру аномалій прикусу та терміни прорізування постійних зубів у дітей, які проживають у різних клімато-географічних умовах. Встановлено, що поширеність аномалій прикусу та прорізування постійних зубів у дітей залежать від географічних та екологічних умов проживання. Доведено, що між аномаліями прикусу та кількістю зубів, що прорізалися існує сильний кореляційний зв'язок.
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    EMG-activity of muscles of the cranio-mandibular system during functions of the dento-facial region
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Смаглюк, Любов Вікентіївна; Смаглюк, Валерій Іванович; Ляховська, Анастасія Віталіївна; Трофименко, Марина Вікторівна; Смаглюк, Любовь Викентьевна; Смаглюк, Валерий Иванович; Ляховская, Анастасия Витальевна; Трофименко, Марина Викторовна; Smaglyuk, L. V.; Smaglyuk, V. I.; Liakhovska, A. V.; Trofymenko, M. V.
    Було проведено дослідження електроміографічної (ЕМГ) активності скроневого, власне жувального, колового, підборідного та грудино-ключично-сосцеподібного м’язів у 30 пацієнтів віком 20-28 років без соматичної патології, морфологічних, функціональних та естетичних порушень зубо-щелепної ділянки. Результати дослідження доводять участь мімічних м’язів та м’язів шиї у стисканні зубів, рухах нижньої щелепи та ковтанні, що вказує на функціональну єдність нейромускулярної складової стоматогнатичної системи. Це обумовлює необхідність вивчення роботи цих м’язів у осіб із порушенням функцій зубощелепної ділянки, особливо тих, що пов’язані із рухами нижньої щелепи та язика на всіх етапах ортодонтичного лікування.
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    Evaluation of healthy lifestyling level in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020-03) Potyazhenko, М. M.; Потяженко, Максим Макарович; Потяженко, Максим Макарович; Ischeykin, К. Ye.; Іщейкін, Костянтин Євгенович; Ищейкин, Константин Евгеньевич; Nastroga, T. V.; Настрога, Тетяна Вікторівна; Настрога, Татьяна Викторовна; Кitura, О. Ye.; Кітура, Оксана Євгенівна; Китура, Оксана Евгеньевна; Sokolyuk, N. L.; Соколюк, Ніна Людвігівна; Соколюк, Нина Людвиговна
    In order to develop a personalized approach in patients with COPD - an individual and effective strategy to implement the recommendations, observance of the principles of healthy lifestyle in the first stage, the study of the main risk factors for the disease, on the basis of which developed for each patient an effective personalized strategy for observing the health of the elderly complex with the implementation of patients with curative respiratory gymnastics by Buteyko and hardening of the body - pouring cold water. The authors of the article prove that the observance by the patients with COPD of recommendations for the regulation of lifestyle, nutrition, systematic performance of therapeutic gymnastics by Buteyko and quenching of the body contribute to the achievement of long remission, improvement of quality of life.
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    A measure of the effect of complex food additives on rats’ adaptive responses
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020) Yachmin, А. І.; Kononov, B. S.; Yeroshenko, G. А.; Bilash, S. М.; Bilash, V. P.; Ячмінь, Анастасія Ігорівна; Кононов, Богдан Сергійович; Єрошенко, Галина Анатоліївна; Білаш, Сергій Михайлович; Білаш, Валентина Павлівна; Ячминь, Анастасия Игоревна; Кононов, Богдан Сергеевич; Ерошенко, Галина Анатольевна; Билаш, Сергей Михайлович; Билаш, Валентина Павловна
    In the paper was the investigation of the effect of consumed complex food additives on the rats’ adaptive response. 88 outbred mature male rats, housed in the common conditions, were involved into the study. Control rats consumed drinking water and received saline per os. The rats of the experimental group were given ad libitum access to water and, supplementary, consumed sodium nitrite solution. Sodium glutamate was administered at a dose of 20 mg/kg, Ponceau 4R at a dose of 5 mg/kg once daily per os. Doses of food additives were half less the allowable normal rate in food. After being exposed to open field test the rats were killed within 1, 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks under thiopentone anesthesia overdose. Consumption of complex food additives at acceptable doses affects the behavioral responses of experimental animals. It has been established that just from the first week of observation, rats experienced increased anxiety, fear, blunting of adaptive responses, decreased activity and disturbance of the emotional state, which were intensified up to week 16 of the experiment.
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    Radiographic changes in the bone grafts during guided bone regeneration with the use of titanium mesh on classical and authors' own methods for the mucosal flaps detachment
    (Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, Poltava, 2018) Kaplun, D. V.; Avetikov, D. S.; Ivanytska, O. S.; Boiko, I. V.; Havryliev, V. M.; Каплун, Дмитро Володимирович; Аветіков, Давид Соломонович; Іваницька, Олена Сергіївна; Бойко, Ігор Васильович; Гаврильєв, Віктор Миколайович; Каплун, Дмитрий Владимирович; Аветиков, Давид Соломонович; Иваницкая, Елена Сергеевна; Бойко, Игорь Васильевич; Гаврильев, Виктор Николаевич
    One of the major problems in rehabilitation of bone volume loss in preparing patients for dental implantation is the bone graft exposure and its infection in the result of ischemic processes in the mucousal flap that covers it. We performed 27 surgical interventions for guided bone regeneration using titanium mesh according to the classical method of detachment of trapezoidal mucousal flap and 30 surgical interventions on authors' own method of detachment and mobilization of the mucousal flap. The augmentation was performed in the mandibular distal segments. Our studies have shown that the optimization of the limits of detachment and mobilization of mucousal and mucoperiosteal flaps, compared with the classical method of trapezoidal flaps, leads to a decrease in bone graft volume loss by 1.9%. The data indicate the possibility of improving the flap surgery efficiency during bone augmentation in patients with acquired edentulism;
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    Clinical characteristics of lower limb wounds in injured people in the result of modern military operations
    (Українська медична стоматологічна академія, 2020-03-18) Guriev, S. O.; Tanasienko, P. V.; Panasenko, S. I.; Martsynkovskyi, I. P.; Fil, A. Yu.; Гур'єв, Сергій Омелянович; Танасієнко, Павло Васильович; Панасенко, Сергій Іванович; Марцинковський, Ігор Павлович; Філь, Адріан Юрійович
    Studying the experience of providing surgical service to the injured people with a mine blast injures in a local armed conflict in the East of Ukraine will allow not only to determine the nature of modern war trauma, but also to make some changes in the formed ideas about the effectiveness of certain measures. The stage of professional medical services was the main one for the injured people with the neuromuscular bundle and the knee joint injuries, which was found in 5.9% and 9.5% respectively and in subsequent stages their number decreased. At the stage of specialized medical services the injured people with lower leg injuries were concentrated. 41.0% were detected at this stage, which is 1.3 times more than at the stage of professional services and almost twice more than at the stage of highly specialized medical services. The stage of highly specialized medical care was the main one for the injured people with injuries of pelvic (4.8%), buttock (7.8%), hips (34.9%), foot (16.5%) traumatic amputation of the lower leg (1.9%) and foot (3.8%). Вивчення досвіду надання хірургічної допомоги поранених з мінно-вибуховою травмою в локальному збройному конфлікті на Сході України дозволить не тільки визначити характер сучасної бойової травми, а і внести деякі зміни в сформовані уявлення про ефективність тих чи інших заходів. Етап кваліфікованоїмедичної допомоги був основним для постраждалих з пошкодженнями нервово-судинного пучка та пораненнями колінного суглобу, що було виявлено у 5,9% та 9,5% відповідно і на подальших етапах їх кількість зменшувалась. На етапі спеціалізованої медичної допомоги концентрувались постраждалі з пораненнями гомілки, яких на цьому етапі було виявлено у 41,0%, що у 1,3 рази більше ніж на етапі кваліфікованої допомоги та майже удвічі більше ніж на етапі високоспеціалізованої медичної допомоги. Етап високоспеціалізованої медичної допомоги був основним для постраждалих з пораненнями тазу (4,8%), сідниці (7,8%), стегна (34,9%), стопи (16,5%) та травматичними відривами гомілки (1,9%) та стопи (3,8%). Изучение опыта оказания хирургической помощи раненых с минно-взрывной травмой в локальном вооруженном конфликте на Востоке Украины позволит не только определить характер современной боевой травмы, а и внести некоторые изменения в сложившиеся представления об эффективности тех или иных мероприятий. Этапквалифицированной медицинской помощи был основным для пострадавших с повреждениями нервно-сосудистого пучка и ранениями коленного сустава, что было выявлено в 5,9% и 9,5% соответственно и на последующих этапах их количество уменьшалось. На этапе специализированной медицинской помощи концентрировались пострадавшие с ранениями голени, которых на этом этапе было выявлено в 41,0%, что в 1,3 раза больше чем на этапе квалифицированной помощи и вдвое больше чем на этапе высокоспециализированной медицинской помощи. Этап высокоспециализированной медицинской помощи был основным для пострадавших с ранениями таза (4,8%), ягодицы (7,8%), бедра (34,9%), стопы (16,5%) и травматическими отрывами голени (1,9%) и стопы (3,8%).