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    Methodological approaches to the definition of pathology, disorders and disease in psychiatry
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Isakov, R. I.; Ісаков, Рустам Ісроїлович
    Medicine nowadays is inclining to a more complex and modern point of view, according to which the individual’s well-being in life and the satisfactory state of his health is a reflection of the satisfaction of his needs and adaptation in the physical, psychological and social spheres. Our time is characterized by a constant increase in information loads associated with participation in social processes. This trend is observed all over the world and in Ukraine in particular. Under conditions of mental trauma impact on the personality, there is a simple alternative: either a person remains mentally and somatically healthy due to his own resistance to stress and the presence of effective psychological protection, or a psychogenic pathology occurs. However, there is a convincing evidence that numerous borderline manifestations are possible and do exist between normal and pathological phenomena. Moreover, the same mechanisms operate in psychogenic reactions and reactive states as in "normal" mental life in most cases. The category of norm is used as a basic aspect of comparing the current (actual) and unchanged (usual) state of a person. Deviation from the norm is regarded as a disease - a condition that is not "normal" and "usual".
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    The correction of non-motor symptoms in different forms of Parkinson’s disease by optimization therapy with levodopa
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Tarianyk, K. A.; Торяник, Катерина Анатоліївна
    Non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease (PD) are usually more complicated and difficult to manage than typical PD motor symptoms. However, they are usually overlooked and not properly treated. Physicians should be aware of the need to evaluate the neuropsychiatric, cognitive, autonomic, and sleep complications of PD. Early recognition of non-motor symptoms is essential, as effective treatment can reduce morbidity and improve the quality of life of PD patients. The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of optimization levodopa therapy in patients with PD and motor fluctuations on severity of non-motor symptoms. The results of the examination of 80 patients with various forms of Parkinson's disease who were examined and treated at the Center for patients with CP and other neurodegenerative diseases of the Department of Neurological Diseases of Poltava State Medical University are presented. Patients were examined according to the UPDRS scale, the severity of non-motor symptoms was assessed according to the Non-motor symptoms scale (NMSS). We have found that optimization of the treatment by changing the regimen of the levodopa may significantly improve motor function. The improvement of motor function by usage of extended-release levodopa is associated with decreasing motor fluctuations severity. It has been established that the use of long-acting levodopa-containing drugs has a positive effect in the treatment of non-motor symptoms. Dominant reliable changes are more typical for patients with a akinetic-rigid form of the disease.
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    Risk factors for neoplasia in patiens with ulcerative colitis
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Kyrian, O. A.; Кир'ян, Олена Анатоліївна
    Non-specific ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease with complex pathogenetic mechanisms of disease development and, with a long course of the inflammatory process, increases the risk of colon cancer. Sporadic forms of intestinal cancer more often occur due to the adenoma-carcinoma sequence when inflammation is excluded. However, changes in the functioning of matrix metalloproteinases play an essential role both in the initiation of inflammation and in the formation of neoplasias. The purpose of the work is to assess the influence of MMP-1, MMP-3, MMP-9, TIMP-1 on the development and course of ulcerative colitis and adenomatous polyps of the colon in patients of the Poltava region, to analyze the hereditary predisposition depending on single nucleotide polymorphisms of the TIMP-1 C536T genes (rs11551797), MMP-9 -8202A/G (rs11697325). The study included 89 patients: 53 (59.6%) with nonspecific ulcerative colitis, 36 (40.4%) with adenomatous polyps, and 49 healthy individuals. Quantitative determination of MMP-1, MMP-3, MMP-9 and their TIMP-1 in blood serum was carried out by ELISA, and single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the MMP-9 A-8202G (rs11697325) and TIMP-1 C536T (rs11551797) genes were evaluated using whole DNA samples of venous blood by the PCR method. Patients with adenomatous polyps had a correlation with the G/G genotype in the SNP of the MMP-9 gene -8202A/G (rs1169732)(χ2=9.82, p<0.007), a significant increase in the content of MMP-1 in the blood (p< 0.05) and the MMP-1/TIMP-1 ratio (p<0.05) compared to the control group. Patients with non-specific ulcerative colitis had an increase in both the quantitative content of MMP-9 (p<0.01)(r=0.79), most pronounced in severe disease activity, and MMP-1 (p<0.02). There was also a difference in the ratio of MMP-1/TIMP-1 (p<0.001), and the ratio of MMP-9/TIMP-1 increased, most pronounced with high disease activity (p<0.01)(r=0.82) . Therefore, the detection of increased expression of MMP-1 in blood serum can be considered as one of the markers of the possible appearance of colon adenoma, and the G/G genotype of the MMP-9 gene (-8202A/G) as a predictor of the appearance of adenoma in healthy individuals and a biomarker of neoplasia in patients on ulcerative colitis. Increased expression of MMP-9 and imbalance in the ratio of MMP-9/ TIMP-1 in the blood serum of patients with non-specific ulcerative colitis has a negative prognostic sign regarding the progression of the disease.
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    On the question of adenosine system participation in the pathogenesis of neuroses
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Lutsenko, R. V.; Луценко, Руслан Володимирович
    Effective treatment of mental disorders, particularly anxiety disorders, requires clarification of the role of all neurotransmitter systems in their genesis. The aim was to consider the role of the adenosine system of the brain in the origin of neurotic pathology, as well as the participation in these processes of four subtypes (A¹ , A2A, A2B, and A3 ) of receptors and their agonists. The available literary sources of recent years, which show the role of the adenosine system in the occurrence, development, and correction of neurotic pathology, were analyzed. Adenosine regulates behavior, mood, and emotions and supports the functionality of adjacent neurons and ion channels. Excitation of A1-autoreceptors inhibits the release of other neurotransmitters. A2A receptors in the central nervous system are associated with cholinergic, dopaminergic, glutamatergic, and other receptors and are involved in the pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric diseases. Stimulation of these receptors contributes to the development of anxiety. It has been demonstrated that adenosine and A-receptor agonists exhibit an anxiolytic effect in neuroethological tests of different aversiveness. A1 - and A2A-receptors modulate the GABA-ergic system in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus. However, the involvement of A-receptors and their pharmacological regulation in forming anxiety has not been convincingly proven. It has been shown that adenosine in the intercellular space can have opposite effects on different subtypes of adenosine receptors. It has also been established that functional differences are observed under the action of A2A receptor agonists in a different part of the central nervous system. It has been found that adenosine and substances that help increase its level reduce anxiety. A1A receptors and their agonists of synthetic and plant origin are considered the most promising in correcting neurotic pathology. The role of specific subtypes of A-receptors and the adenosine transporter in the development of anxiety pathology has been established. An active search for means of regulating this neurotransmitter system is underway to create new neuropsychotropic agents based on them.
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    Migraine and cerebrovascular diseases
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Delva, I. I.; Дельва, Ірина Іванівна
    In the last decade, much attention is paid to migraine as a risk factor of cerebrovascular pathology. There is increased risk of stroke and transient ischemic attack in females who have migraine with aura, this risk is highest in women under 45 years who use oral contraceptives and (or) smoke. The mechanisms that mediate in- creased risk of stroke in migraine patients up to now are still not completely defined and, most likely, are multifacto- rial. Drugs for the abortive therapy of migraine – ergotamine alkaloids and triptans have vasoconstrictor properties and by that way may increase the risk of ischemic stroke. Spreading cortical depression is an intense depolariza- tion of neurons and glial cells membranes that spreads in a wave-like manner throughout the cerebral cortex with secondary decreasing of cerebral perfusion; decreased cerebral blood flow during cortical depression may exceed a critical threshold and lead to migrainous infarction. According to polygenomic search, it was found the common hereditary predisposition to migraine and ischemic stroke, highest in atherothrombotic and cardioembolic strokes. In patients with migraine with aura, the prevalence of patent foramen ovale is significantly increased; it is assumed that through patent foramen ovale mechanical or chemical stimuli can directly come from venous system to the arterial system and cause a migraine attack with aura. There are associations between migraine without aura and the risk of cerebral arteries dissections, particularly in males and younger patients. Also it was revealed associations between migraine attacks and paroxysms of atrial fibrillation, especially in females who have migraine with aura. Thus, migraine, especially migraine with aura, is associated with an increased risk of strokes, mainly ischemic stroke. Understanding the relationships between migraine and cerebrovascular pathology is important for effective primary prevention of cerebrovascular diseases in migraine patients.
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    Injury of temporary and permanent teeth in children: theraputic approach
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022-12-14) Gurzhiy, O. V.; Kolomiiets, S. V.; Kulay, O. O.; Гуржій, Олена Вікторівна; Коломієць, Світлана Веніамінівна; Кулай, Ольга Олександрівна
    According to literature data, tooth damage in children is 3.5% of the total maxillofacial injuries. The child's age determines tooth trauma features and depends on the stage of tooth root formation and the action of the traumatic factor. And as a result of such interaction, the predictability of the course after receiving an injury, the possibility or impossibility of restoring the functions of the maxillofacial area, which requires the provision of timely qualified assistance to the child in total. Based on the systematic analysis and generalization of current scientific information, proposing effective treatment methods for trauma to temporary and permanent teeth in children will ensure positive long-term results. Conducted scientific research and generalization of the obtained data from literary sources of Ukrainian and foreign scientists based on such databases as Scopus, Web of Science, MedLine, and PubMed, the study of which does not exceed ten years, including monographs and results of clinical studies. The analysis of scientific literature shows that the choice of treatment tactics and its success largely depends on a thorough examination of the patient and the correct diagnosis of the received injury. The application of additional instrumental research methods, treatment planning, and follow-up are essential for achieving a favorable result. The prognosis of teeth after trauma depends on the type of traumatic damage, emergency care, and the time that has passed before dental manipulation. The international association of dental traumatology recommendations help dentists choose the correct management algorithm for a patient with an acute dental injury.
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    The level of IЛ-1Β, IЛ-10 and IkBα expression in children with chronic gingivitis suffering from chronic gastroduodenitis
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Sheshukova, O. V.; Bauman, S. S.; Kazakova, K. S.; Polishchuk, T. V.; Mosienko, A. S.; Шешукова, Ольга Вікторівна; Бауман, Софія Сергіївна; Труфанова, Валентина Петрівна; Казакова, Катерина Станіславівна; Поліщук, Тетяна Вікторівна; Мосієнко, Анна Сергіївна
    Метою дослідження було визначити стан рівня про- та протизапальних IЛ-1β, IЛ-10 в ротовій рідині дітей з хронічним гастродуоденітом в залежності від рівня експресії IkBα. Об’єкт і методи дослідження. Для визначення рівня IЛ-1β, IЛ-10 та IkBα проведене дослідження ротової рідини та зішкрябу ясен 50 дітей 6-12 років, діти розділені на 3 групи. 1 група – 10 дітей із здоровим пародонтом та без соматичних захворювань. 2-га група – 20 дітей соматично здорові із хронічним катаральним гінгівітом. 3-я група (20 дітей) дітей з ХГД та хронічним катаральним гінгівітом. Визначення експресії мРНК гену IkBα та вмісту ІЛ-10 та IЛ-1β у ротовій рідині проводили методом ПЛР в реальному часі. Результати дослідження та їх обговорення. За результатами проведеного дослідження нами визначено, що вміст прозапального IЛ-1β у ротовій рідині дітей молодшого шкільного віку мав різні рівні відповідно до стану стоматологічного та соматичного здоров’я. У соматично здорових дітей без ознак запалення пародонту він був найнижчим. Виявлено, що вміст IЛ-10, який має протизапальні властивості, має зворотно пропорційний зв’язок із концентрацією IЛ-1β у ротовій рідині дітей обстежених груп. Аналіз експресії IkBα дозволив виявити її пригнічення у дітей другої та третьої групи у порівнянні із здоровими дітьми. Висновки. Результати демонструють зміни в рівнях IkBα у яснах дітей із хронічним катаральним запаленням ясен, послаблена експресія IkBα може вносити внесок у дерегуляцію шляхів NF-κB в патогенезі запалення пародонту. Зниження експресії IkBα може специфічно впливати на продукцію цитокінів та запальну відповідь, пов’язану із хронічним катаральним гінгівітом на тлі хронічного гастродуоденіту.
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    Institutional principles of civil-military cooperation regarding medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022-12-27) Karamyshev, D. V.; Zhdan, V. M.; Dvornyk, V. M.; Hordiienko, L. P.; Kundii, Zh. P.; Карамишев, Дмитро Васильович; Ждан, Вячеслав Миколайович; Дворник, Валентин Миколайович; Гордієнко, Людмила Петрівна; Кундій, Жанна Петрівна
    The paper considers the issue of creating a proper medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine based on the effective and rational use of medical resources within the framework of a unified medical space. The purpose of the study is to generalize the institutional and legal principles, as well as methodological approaches regarding the institutionalization of the operations of civil-military cooperation entities in solving a set of interdepartmental issues concerning the organization and development of the medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The object of the research is defined as the medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The subject of the study is the institutional and legal principles and mechanisms of civil-military cooperation regarding the organization and development of the medical and evacuation support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was determined that the institutionalization of the activities of civil-military cooperation entities regarding the medical support system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine involves creating institutional and legal foundations for such cooperation within the framework of implementing the military medical doctrine of Ukraine based on a clear understanding of the operational needs for the medical support of the troops under martial law. It was found that the military medical factor of civil-military interaction provides for integration into the unified medical space of Ukraine through the formation of an integrated system and appropriate measures for the medical support of troops (forces) in a functional combination with the resource capabilities of the civilian health care system, and also determines the unity of views on the organization, tactics, and procedure for the use of forces and means of medical services and ensures the readiness of civilian health care facilities to provide medical aid to military personnel. Regarding the medical support capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the following should be highlighted: the ability to organize and manage medical support at the appropriate levels; carry out the appropriate medical evacuation, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures, medical intelligence, measures for medical protection of personnel against the influence of harmful factors; provide new models of special medical equipment, in particular, evacuation vehicles. The importance of defining and distinguishing the levels of medical care for the military, as well as the differentiation and specialization of medical and evacuation measures, which will allow working out real interdepartmental civil-military coordination within the framework of a unified medical space, has been proved.
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    Medical rehabilitation of patients with arterial hypertension in general medical practice
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022-12-07) Zhdan, V. М.; Kitura, Ye. M.; Babanina, М. Yu.; Kitura, О. Ye.; Tkachenko, M. V.; Kyrian, O. A.; Ivanytskyi, I. V.; Ждан, Вячеслав Миколайович; Кітура, Євдокія Михайлівна; Бабаніна, Марина Юріївна; Кітура, Оксана Євгенівна; Ткаченко, Максим Васильович; Кир'ян, Олена Анатоліївна; Іваницький, Ігор Валерійович
    The paper was aimed at the analysis of the data from the publications on medical rehabilitation of patients with arterial hypertension. This type of rehabilitation includes: drug therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, sanatorium-resort treatment. The paper discusses the therapeutic strategy of managing patients with arterial hypertension, which includes: change of lifestyle, lowering blood pressure to the target level, effective treatment of other risk factors to reduce residual cardiovascular risk. The choise of the strategy on prescribing antihypertensive drugs, as well as the timely start of therapy is crucial. The algorithm of drug therapy for arterial hypertension is provided according to the European recommendations of 2018. Physical rehabilitation for arterial hypertension includes numerous means of active influence on the functionl systems of the patient body: therapeutic exercise, occupational therapy, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy. Many publications have reported the positive effect of physical exercises on BP regulation mechanisms and modified risk factors. Regular dosed moderate-intensity cardio training contributes to increase in tolerance to physical load, body weigh loss, blood pressure, accompanied by improvement in the elasticity of blood vessels, the functional state of the cardiovascular system and the quality of life. Cohort studies have shown that even regular physical activity of lower and moderate intensity and duration is associated with approximately 20% reduction in mortality. The findings of the scientific research proved the effectiveness of physical exercises in the rehabilitation of patients with hypertension, while the most pronounced positive progress was observed during cardio training with the use of cyclic training equipment.
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    Axial spondyloarthritis. Clinical definition and diagnostic approaches
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022-12-07) Zhdan, V. M.; Volchenko, H. V.; Babanina, M. Yu.; Tkachenko, M. V.; Kyrian, O. A.; Ждан, Вячеслав Миколайович; Волченко, Григорій Вілійович; Бабаніна, Марина Юріївна; Ткаченко, Максим Васильович; Кир'ян, Олена Анатоліївна
    The diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis is quite difficult and often delayed. Therefore, the goal of our work was to provide doctors with diagnostic guidelines, which are summarized in modern literature, as well as a methodology for planning a diagnostic search. A timely diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis, regardless of its subsequent clinical evolution, allows one to switch from symptomatic to specific basic treatment as early as possible. The combination of sacroiliitis, spondylitis, and generalized enthesitis in a patient with chronic back pain is highly suggestive of axial spondyloarthritis. A condition for timely diagnosis is the correct assessment of the inflammatory nature of back pain. Pain relief on the background of physical activity, aggravation at night, improvement after morning activation, indistinct onset, and age up to 40 years are considered. With a high probability, axial spondyloarthritis is diagnosed with long-term back pain of an inflammatory nature in young people in the presence of sacroiliitis or HLA-B27 positivity in combination with specific additional signs. It is essential that this diagnosis remains legitimate even in the absence of radiological changes. Any case of chronic back pain syndrome, especially in adolescence or early adulthood, in the presence of X-ray changes in the spine requires a differential diagnosis with axial spondyloarthritis. The separation of axial spondyloarthritis into an independent clinical form among the group of chronic inflammatory spondyloarthropathies is due to the evolution of the possibilities of modern early pathogenetically directed basic treatment, which often provides a dramatic improvement in the course of the disease and the functional state of patients, reduces the risks of exacerbation, hospitalization, and disability.
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    Structural organization of rats adrenal glands in normal state
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Donchenko, S. V.; Bilash, S. M.; Донченко, Світлана Владиславівна; Білаш, Сергій Михайлович
    The study of the morphology of the adrenal glands has been carried out for many years. In recent decades, the pathology of the adrenal glands has been increasingly common because the negative influence of exogenous and endogenous factors is increasing, leading to the glands' morphofunctional disorders. Adrenal glands are not only essential elements of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system but are also endocrine organs. The interest of representatives of experimental medicine and scientists in changes in the structures of the adrenal glands does not subside. Thanks to the improvement of computer diagnostic methods, the percentage of detection of hormonally active and inactive, benign and malignant neoplasms of the adrenal glands has increased. The most common endocrine disorders are hyperaldosteronism, adrenergic and estrogenic balance disorders. The number of cases of detection of tumors of various genesis of the adrenal glands with the help of computer tomography is increasing significantly. Diagnosing and treating adrenal gland diseases remains an urgent medical and social problem. Therefore, determining the morphology of the adrenal glands of rats in the control group will serve as controls for comparison in the experiment.
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    Morphofunctional characteristics of the crypts structural components of the cecum perivulnar area by using desmosin surgical thread
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Pronina, O.M.; Kobeniak, M.M.; Проніна, Олена Миколаївна; Кобеняк, Микола Миколайович
    The paper describes the morphological changes in the structural components of the caecal crypts in the periulnar region while suturing the wound defect with desmosin surgical thread. It was determined that rabbits’ cecum, like humans, consists of four membranes: mucous, submucosa, muscular and serous. The mucous membrane included cylindrical epitheliocytes arranged in one layer on its own plate. Under the lamina propria, the mucous membrane’s muscular lamina was visualized, including smooth myositis, which were located in two layers: the inner circular and the outer longitudinal. A large number of crypts and the absence of villi were determined in the composition of the mucous membrane. In the mucosa and submucosa, the elements of the hemomicrocirculatory channel were visualized: arterioles, capillaries, and venules, which in turn provided blood circulation and blood exchange of the wall of the cecum as a whole. The structure of the cecal crypts of animals of the control group included various cell associations: columnar cells with a brush border, goblet cells, single endocrinocytes, columnar epitheliocytes without a brush border, and Paneth cells. Lieberkhun’s glands histotopographically passed through the entire mucous membrane surface, their openings opened into the lumen of the cecum, and their lower parts reached the lamina propria. Thus, it was established that the implementation of alteration processes in the perivulnar region of rabbits’ cecum begins on the 3rd day of the experimental study and is determined in the deep layers of the mucous membrane with the involvement of all its structural components. Connection to the regenerative and compensatory processes of the surface layers of the mucous membrane f rabbits cecum in the area of the wound defect sutured with Desmosin surgical thread occurs from the 7th day of observation, in which the structural components of Lieberkün’s glands are involved. Due to destructive changes in columnar epitheliocytes with a brush border in the crypts of the perivulnar area, digestion and absorption processes are disrupted and possibly stopped from the 3rd to the 7th day of the experimental study. The recovery of the pool of these cellular elements begins from the 14th day of the experiment, and the control indicators reach up to the 30th day. The restoration of the cellular composition of Lieberkün’s glands in the perivulnar region occurred due to the poorly differentiated cells, which tended to increase their average number from 3 to 21 days of the experiment. Recovery of the average number of these cells compared with control indicators occurred on the 30th day of observation.
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    Morphological and morphometric changes in capillaries of the hemomicrocirculatory channel of the gingival mucosa during long-term exposure to a complex of food additives
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Oleksienko, V. V.; Bilash, S. M.; Білаш, Сергій Михайлович; Олексієнко, Владислав Віталійович
    Food additives are an important element of the food industry in the 21st century, which not only improve the taste of products, but also increase their shelf life. At the same time, they have negative properties that manifest themselves after a long period of use. The purpose of the experiment was to identify the simultaneous effect of several food additives on the gums, their structure and the changes that occur in them. During the study, it was established that the effect of a complex of food additives (sodium glutamate, sodium nitrite, and Ponseau 4 R) on the vessels of the gums of rats causes a violation of hemodynamic conditions and irreversible violations of the blood supply to the gums. Morphological changes of the capillaries were observed throughout the experiment and are characterized by changes in the thickness of the walls and the diameter of the lumen, which leads to pathological changes in the structural gums and their blood supply. That’s a reason of these experiment. Understanding of mechanisms of influence of food additives will lead us to better treatment of different diseases and prevent of using such number of synthetic chemicals in food industry.
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    Features of the influence of ubistesin on the state of pulp microcirculation and the quality of the anesthetic effect during mandibular anesthesia in adolescent children
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Avetikov, D. S.; Lokes, K. P.; Bilash, S. M.; Pronina, O. M.; Streblovkyi, D. V.; Аветіков, Давид Соломонович; Локес, Катерина Петрівна; Білаш, Сергій Михайлович; Проніна, Олена Миколаївна; Стебловський, Дмитро Валерійович
    Currently, in modern children's dentistry, various local anesthetics and methods of anesthesia are actively used, which affect the characteristics of pulpal blood flow and pulpal anesthesia in human teeth. This study aims to study the effect of ubisthesin injection during mandibular anesthesia on the state of pulp microcirculation and the quality and prolongation of the anesthetic effect in the treatment of molars and premolars of the lower jaw. Thirty adolescents who underwent treatment of medium and deep caries under mandibular anesthesia took part in the study. The pulp reopletismography technique was used to determine the quality of the effect of ubistezin on the above parameters. The Pulptest-Pro device was used to assess tooth sensitivity and pulp anesthesia. The obtained data made it possible to establish the probable absence of significant changes in the microcirculation of the pulp and the prolonged effect of this medicine on pain sensations and pain syndrome. The duration of mandibular anesthesia was 81.40 min for molars and 83.50 min for premolars. The impact of ubisthesin on blocking the inferior alveolar and lingual nerves without creating a depot of anesthetic, without reducing the blood flow of the pulp of molars and premolars of the lower jaw with the delayed removal of the local anesthetic solution from the affected tissues was established.
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    Use of health-preserving features of learning in the context of optimization and improvement of edagogical management in higher medical education
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Bilash, V. P.; Svintsytska, N. L.; Bilash, S. M.; Pronina, O. M.; Bilanov, O. S.; Oliinichenko, Ya. O.; Tkachenko, O. T.; Білаш, Валентина Павлівна; Свінцицька, Наталія Леонідівна; Білаш, Сергій Михайлович; Проніна, Олена Миколаївна; Біланов, Олег Сергійович; Олійніченко, Ярина Олександрівна; Ткаченко, О. Т.
    One of the essential issues of today is the problem of human health. Any modern society, any state, puts the issues of preserving health, psychological comfort, long-term working capacity, and reproduction of healthy offspring first. Taking care of one’s health, tempering, rational nutrition, absence of bad habits, the ability to be sociable, beneficial for loved ones, friends, and society – all this in a complex makes up each person’s lifestyle. Each person’s lifestyle will always be relevant, which is essential in ensuring health. However, only the person himself can improve the condition of his body. The structure of the way of life is defined in those relations of subordination and coordination in which there are different life activities. It is manifested in the share of time spent on them, in what types of life activities a person spends his free time on, and which kinds of it he prefers in situations where a choice is impossible. If the way of life does not contain creative types of life, then its level decreases. Health is a person’s qualitative characteristic and contributes to achieving many goals. The contradiction between the achievement of material well-being and the need to be healthy is resolved by improving the objective conditions of human life. The attitude towards a healthy lifestyle of student youth is determined by objective circumstances, including education and training. It manifests itself in actions and deeds concerning factors affecting physical and mental well-being. One primary means of preserving health, physical activity, and the optimal psychophysical state of student youth is leading a healthy lifestyle, which includes giving up bad habits, adequate physical training, physical self-education, nutrition culture, and observing a daily routine. Adherence to these components is essential for maintaining student youth’s health and is one of the key factors contributing to their successful studies in institutions of higher medical education
  • Документ
    Evaluation and self-assessment of media literacy level of medical university students with an undergraduate degree and those who are high school graduates: there is still work to be done
    (Полтавський державний медичний університет, 2022) Ivanytska, T. A.; Petrov, Ye. Ye.; Burmak, Yu. G.; Kuzmenko, N. V.; Sakevych, V. D.; Іваницька, Тетяна Анатоліївна; Петров, Євген Євгенович; Бурмак, Юрій Григорович; Кузьменко, Наталія Валентинівна; Сакевич, Вікторія Дмитрівна
    The article highlights the main components of media competence. Special attention is paid to the level of media literacy of medical university students. The survey showed that there was no significant difference between the level of media literacy among undergraduate students and high school graduates. But there is a noticeable difference in the practical use of these soft skills, especially when using medical information. The majority of students of higher medical education believe they have media literacy skills and independently search for the necessary data on the Internet without noticing the source of information. Only 35% of respondents are interested in the author of the message or article. When preparing for classes, more than 75% of students use textbooks. Among high school graduates, only 20% use specialized medical databases, in the group with undergraduate degree, this share is below 10%. Almost 40% of high school graduates do not check the reliability of the source of medical information. To improve the skills of medical university students for selective perception of information, teachers of clinical disciplines should pay more attention to the development of critical thinking skills and data analysis of the professional information.