Differential diagnosis of soft tissue tumors


The aim of the study is to identify clinical signs of neurilemmoma of the upper limb, its main ultrasound and X-ray distinctions from other benign tumors of soft tissues. To make a preliminary diagnosis, it is advisable to use different methods of imaging, such as: ultrasound, MRI, radiography. Radiological diagnosis of soft tissue tumors should be based on the integrated use of radiological and ultrasound methods with mandatory consideration of clinical and anamnestic data such as patient age, topographic location of the tumor and its growth rate. Although ultrasound and MRI do not allow to completely differentiate the tumor, but they help to choose the right tactics of the patient. Treatment is to remove the tumor and includes cesium dissection and removal from the nerve bundle, using magnification.


Ключові слова

neurilemmoma, schwannoma, tumorof the peripheral nerve, tumor of soft tissues, ultrasonography

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Differential diagnosis of soft tissue tumors / D. Kapustianskyi, I. Ivanytskyi, T. Ivanytska, V. Zhamardiy, V. Donchenko // Wiadomości Lekarskie. – 2022. – Vol. LXXV, issue 6. – P. 1596–1599.